Purrfect Fur Roller

100% Sustainable & Reusable

Equipped with a large waste compartment

Uses Electrostatic Absorbtion Technology

Safe for furniture and carpets

Lightweight with an ergonomic, easy to use design

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Tired of Having Your Couch and Carpet Covered in Fur?

Well, you're not alone. Pet owners around the world think that's the price they pay for having a furry friend around the house, and that's perfectly fine.

But what about cleaning up those shed fur? Regular vacuum cleaners don't quite do the trick. And small, portable vacuums take a substantial amount of effort and time to clean, with mixed results.

That's why a tool specially designed to remove shed fur is necessary. This reusable pet hair removal roller has no adhesive or sticky tape. It works by electrostatic adsorption to remove hair in a snap

It has a large waste compartment and an ergonomic handle. So, you can now get rid of your pet's hair with a flick of the wrist. **Woosh**


🐾 100% Reusable

You'll get a bang for your buck! We kept sustainability in mind when designing our roller. No need to throw money away on sticky rolls. It's a legit tool that packs years of reliable service.

🐾  Brilliant Design
With an ergonomic handle, and a large head that you can open with a single click. Revealing the waste compartment for easy cleaning and maintenance.

🐾 Cost-Effective
It's a no-brainer investment. This tool does not require a cord or battery. It works by electrostatic adsorption to instantly pull out stuck hair in one pass.

🐾 Easy to Use
The material is sturdy, yet light as a feather. You don't need to put much energy into it. Just roll it back and forth to send stray hairs directly into the waste compartment. Easy. Clean. Organised. Just how we like our home!

🐾 Furniture Friendly

Our fur remover roller has no tape or stickiness that can damage the fabric of your furniture. It is designed to pull out stray hairs in an instant without touching the fabric underneath.

For many pet owners, this is a lifesaver!
Highly recommended for sofas, carpet and fabric seats.