Magic Moving LED Feather Cat Ball

Hours of playtime for your kitty

Improved overall behavior

Promotes Exercise and Curiosity

Made from premium, safe & non-toxic materials

#1 Cat Lover Gift of 2021

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The Perfect Hunting Exercise Toy

Your cat may not seem like it. But they are still carnivores, small predators. They simply don't need to hunt for food anymore since we provide them with plenty.

But where does the urge to hunt go? This overflowing energy needs a way out. A kind of escape to satisfy their predatory instincts.

That's why this wiggly toy is the best way to exercise and use up your cat's energy indoors. It's a creature-like ball that bounces and wiggles with a bell-like sound - perfect for your cat to swing around the house and have fun with. 

Get your kitty hooked, relaxed and happy from day one by adding a small amount of catnip into the bell compartment.

But, careful there... it's only for cats, be sure your dog is watching from far


🐾 Makes Your Cat Go Cray

You guessed it! All cats go berserk if they find themselves with a full battery. This bouncing wooden ball can drive your cat nuts chasing it around. Sure, you'll occasionally get annoyed by the ringing bell. But, hey, at least you can get through the day scratch-free. It's a win-win.

🐾  Reduce Behavioral Problems
All it takes is a little push and it starts bouncing around with a ringing sound. You no longer need to monitor your cat's playtime. This cat wiggle toy can keep your furball busy for hours, giving it exercise and feeding its curiosity. It frees up your time to do your work and tends to your personal business.

🐾 Bond and Play
Wanna avoid a dead rat on your doorstep? Of course, you do! So, let your cat praise the house alpha... that means you... by playing fetch with its human.

🐾 Harmless & Non-toxic
This bouncy ball toy for cats is 100% harmless for your kitten. It's made from premium-quality wood. It’s safe, non-toxic, with wool and a ringing bell attached to the wooden part.

🐾 No-brainer Gift

If you're wondering if these toys would make a nice gift for a friend's cat, we say go for it. Cats love it, and it's a thoughtful present, surprise a cat lover today!