3-in-1 Windmill Cat Toy

Stimulates your kitty's natural hunting abilities

Keeps your kitty engaged for hours on end

Helps with stress by improving overall mood

Made from safe, non-toxic materials

Improves oral health

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3-in-1 Interactive Treat Toy for Lazy Cats

Cats are lazy creatures. Few things catch their attention, and they will roll their eyes at practically everything. As time passes, they lose their vigor and drive to do anything.

Which isn't necessarily a good thing for a former predator. That's why a treat toy is key to a healthy feline. It stimulates your cat's mind and satisfies his hunting instincts.

This cat treat dispenser allows your furball to have fun while hunting for its treat. The LED lights attract your cat's attention and the catnip balls intensify the experience. 

This toy is soft and has strong suction to keep it in place.


🐾 Pro-Healthy Teeth

Its chewing properties, strong bumps, and thick edges help clean your cat's teeth and remove tartar. Just add some cat toothpaste, it will promote the production of antibacterial saliva that cleans your pet’s mouth and improves the smell of their breath!

🐾  Fun Reward System
Our toy works with a reward system. It stimulates your cat's hunting instinct. Interacting with your kitten at every touch with a fun bounce and spin movement, like a windmill.

🐾 Clever Design
This toy is a compact cat treat dispenser with a well-thought-out ergonomic design for easy use and handling. The device is divided into three sections: one contains an LED light, another serves as a container for catnip or treats, and the middle part is a soft plastic brush.

🐾 Lightweight and Portable
It has a suction cup at the base for easy set up. The toy is quite light but the suction power is strong enough to hold it on walls and smooth surfaces.

🐾 Eco-Friendly

Made of ABS plastic, which is a recyclable material. The product is also naturally soft, tasteless and environmentally friendly.

Tested and approved by thousands of cats!