LED Cat Fountain

Promotes daily hydration

Improves overall kitty health

Equipped with an LED Night-Light 

Built-in smart pump

3 drinking Modes to encourage hydration

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Are you sure your kitty is hydrated?

Cats love running water. Whether it's licking water droplets off faucets or water stains on the floor. Cats love running water because it's the water that most closely resembles the water they've evolved to drink, like rivers and streams.

That's why our cat water fountain can encourage your cat to drink more water. And to stay hydrated throughout the day.

This is a stainless-steel Lotus water fountain. It's clean, quiet and safe. Unlike open-tank fountains, this one has a closed lid that prevents your cat's hair or small bugs from contaminating the water. 

It's a smart fountain with an LED light that lets you know if the tank is near empty, and has an auto on/off to keep the motor from burning out.


🐾 Travel-Friendly

If you're on the go, this stainless-steel cat fountain can be assembled and disassembled in a snap. Perfect for travelers.

🐾  Filtration System

To top it off, this lotus cat fountain has a circulating filtration system that uses a replaceable filter to purify the water, remove hair, dirt and food scraps

🐾 Cats Love It
It can be used for a single cat or multiple cats thanks to its 360° multidirectional fountain streams. It's a running water source with 3 drinking modes to encourage pets to drink more, and stay hydrated.

🐾 High-Quality Stainless-Steel
It is hygienic, secure and dishwasher safe. It contains carbon filters, and a foam filter for clean, crisp water. The material is also BPA-free, and harmless to your kitty.

🐾 Quiet Smart Pump and LED Lights

The pump is quiet below 40 db. It has a low voltage pump that can guarantee years of reliable service. You can also keep track of the water level by observing the color of the LED light.

Keep your fur-ball hydrated by picking up one of these fountains today!