Cat Hammock

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Cats absolutely love napping. As a matter of fact, they can nap for an average of 15 hours a day. What lucky little felines!

However, when it comes to settling on a favorite spot, your cat may wander aimlessly around the house only to end up picking the TV shelf or worse, your bed.... *Gasp*!

That's why this nifty cat hammock, with six industrial strength suction cups, is perfect if you want to pamper your little feline.

 It doesn't take up much space. You can hang it on the window pane, right on the sunny spot. The suction cup is quite strong and can support up to 55 pounds foldable and washable.. Plus, it's easily foldable and washable.

😸A Safe Place: The strong suction cups are reliable and give you the freedom to choose where you want your cat to hang out. You can create a safe spot for your furball effortlessly. The unit can be assembled and disassembled in a snap.

😸Easy to Install: If you're the traveling type, this form of hammocks is perfect for your lifestyle. No tools or straps are required for installation. Simply assemble the hammock and attach it to a window, and you're done.

😸Built to Last:: The hanging window catperch mat is made of oxford cloth, which is easy to clean, breathable and durable, and the cat's body temperature won't overheat in summer. Adding a mattress on this cat hammock is a great choice for winter cat to nap in the sun.

😸All-Seasons Design:
You can use this hammock all year round. The mesh material makes it breathable, and in the winter, just add a mattress and you're good to go.


😸Space Saving: This window cat shelf provides your cat enjoy a front view of nature while basking without taking up valuable floor space.  Keeping your catscomfortable and allowing a fun window seat view.


Material: Cloth Cushion + plastic suction cup + steel wire connection

Bearing Weight: 20kg

Size: 55*35cm

Weight: About 590g

Designed by Purrfectiion