Orthopedic Cat Bowl

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Most Furrents accept vomiting as a natural part of theirbehavior, but just because cats seem to have more than their fair share ofstomach issues doesn't mean you don't have options.

OurAnti-Vomiting Orthopedic Pet Bowl is a stylish, functional and is 100%designed with your cat's well-being in mind! This safeguards your kitties fromthe pains of vomiting which is proven to be destructive especially intheir old age.

Seeyour pets' overall health improve by just by changing the way theyeat!

Weare pretty sure kitty's all-in. Now let us catch you up.

Raisedfeeder stand makes the bowl suitable for your cat regardless of shoulder heightand appetite. Non slip stoppers on bottom prevent overturning. There isno worry about your pets overturn the bowl and making a mess on the floor.


Its BPAfree and Non-Toxic: So don't worry if kitty licksthe bowl all the way to the bottom!

🐾15 ° inclined design: The uniquebuckle design can fix the inclination of the double cat bowls to 15 ° toachieve the best feeding posture, cat bowls protect the pet's cervical spine,and suitable for different cats. The shallow depth and angle of the cat dishesmake it easier for cats to get food, prevent beard fatigue and keep the faceclean.

🐾Perfect stand: The comfortable2.5-inch stand design increases the height of the cat food bowls, reducingthe pressure on the cat ’s neck and abdomen, helping the cat to swallowmore easily and reducing occasional vomiting, and promoting the health of thedigestive system. 

🐾Removable+ easy to clean: The cat feeder is removable and easy to remove to keep itclean. Just use a rag or sponge to clean, then rinse with water and airdry. Moreover, food or water can be added at the same time.

🐾Splash-proof and anti-skid: There areanti-skid rubbers on the cat water bottom to prevent pets fromsliding and tipping when eating, thus eliminating the pet's impact soundwhen eating. A slightly inclined surface prevents food from spilling.

🐾 AdvancedMaterials: The cat bowlspecially prepared for your pet is made of environmentally friendly food-grade plastic, which is non-toxic and safe for your pet, so itis more pleasant to eat. The cat bowl using imitation porcelain has gloss,touch and no noise when used. The simple Nordic design looks great in your homedecor.


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