Cat Tower - 3 Levels of Interactive Play

Mentally Stimulates your kitty

Allows cats to practice their natural instincts 

Made from strong ABS plastic with a non-slip base

Designed for a single kitty or a cat family

Built-in safety bar keeping your curious kitty out of harms way

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No More Balls Under the Couch!

Cat owners have it tough. It's pretty hard to entertain a cat, especially if he doesn't want to go out anymore. Yet, in order to keep your hairball, mentally fit and stress-free, you must stop what you are doing and interact with your feline.

So, sometimes playing with him or her is inevitable. Except it's not!

Unfold a whole new kind of cat toys. And discover a unique combination of mental engagement and fun packed into a single toy. It's a three-tiered tower with a ball in each tier.

In addition to the three-story design, this toy allows your cat to hit the balls through horizontal holes rather than vertical ones, which seems to be the favorite part of this toy to cats.


🐾 Mentally Engages Your Pet

Cats absolutely love ball tracking toys. This tower toy will engage your cats mentally, feed their curiosity and keep the little predators entertained for hours.

🐾  For Single and Multiple Household Cats
A very cost-effective toy. This is not a toy that one cat can monopolize. It is a three-story tower that will easily entertain several cats at once.

🐾 Safety Bar Design
If you've come across this toy a few years back, this is an improved version. There is a small safety bar through the top center opening that prevents overly curious cats from getting stuck while playing with this track toy.

🐾 Sturdy Construction
Made from sturdy ABS plastic and a non-slip base that keeps the Track Tower in place during vigorous game time.