Windmill Cat Toy 3-in-1
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LOVE playing with your kitty!?

😻 Our furry friends need frequent stimulation to stay healthy, active, ease their anxiety

When our 3-in-1 Windmill Toy is gently moved, it will rotate, making your kitty happy and excited! 

🐾 Reducing anxiety and increasing brain activity!

Funny Windmill Cat Toy Promotes Independent Play!

 Perfect for Chasing, Swatting, Batting, and Interactive Play

 Encourage Your Cat's Natural Hunting and Playful Instincts.

 Attach To Any Smooth Surface - Windows, Doors, Tables, Floors!

 Will Spin When Very Lightly Touched - Super Easy for Cats!

 Soft Center Ball Is Designed For Chewing and Face Rubbing - Reduces Cats' Anxiety & Aids Teeth/Gum Health!

 Includes Two Detachable Balls With Light And Catnip.

 Size: 6 x 2.5 inches.

Bundle & Save! 

Purrfect for multiple cats!

Bundle & Save! 

Purrfect for multiple cats!


What surfaces can I  stick the Windmill Toy on?

The Windmill Toy 3-in-1 has a silicone suction cup and will stick to glass, tables, floors - any smooth surface!
TIP: Stick the toy on different angles to further enhance playtime for you cat!

How will the toy ease my cats anxiety?

Cats require stimulation and playful activities so that their anxiety doesn't impact them. The Windmill Toy allows for hours of playtime and fun for your kitty. This will improve their behaviour, and better their sleep! Rest assured your kitty will be happy and content, encouraging bonding which means more cuddles at bed time!

How is it 3-in-1?

The Windmill Toy is a 3-in-1 toy as it assists dental health with the chew centre piece, eases anxiety through playtime and stimulation for your cat, and can also be a fun game for your kitty as you can put catnip inside the toy compartments! Cats love the windmill toy and spend hours of fun practicing their natural hunting techniques and batting the balls around!

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